Manhattan Beach Sand

Manhattan Beach pier and lifeguard station

Manhattan Beach Sand Section (Area 142)

Location: Starts at Homer Street on the South, and 45th on the North.

Lot Size: Typically 30’x90’ in size, East-West lots can be 33.3×100’; many other lots are half size (30”x 45’), particularly in El Porto (Historically north of 38).

Height Limit: 30’, three stories, no decks on top story.

Strand Properties:  Range in value; approximately 45 condos on the Strand. Most lots are 30’x100’ to 30’x105’.

Walk Street 100 & 200 Block:

South End Walk Streets: Flat, no view typically. Highly desired by families, no traffic on the sidewalk street. Yards require encroachment permits to provide low landscaping. Start at 4th and go to 10th.

North End Walk Street: 15th to 20th Street. Ocean views.

Town homes: Range in size from 1900 to 2300 (look for basements now).

Gaslight Section: Between 21st Street and 24th Street; Blanch and Grandview. There are some gaslights on 400 block of Marine and 23rd Street. Typically, 30’x90’ lots, two stories, 26’ height limit, so the new homes are smaller than the Sand Section and Tree Section.
2nd story must be set back.

Values:  Values depend upon location and view

Walk Street Yard Easements – Ask me for more info

Under Grounding information: