East Manhattan / Mira Costa

Area 146: Located between Manhattan Beach Blvd., and Marine Ave. and, between Sepulveda and Aviation Blvd.

The streets between Meadows Ave., and Redondo Ave. are numbered from 12th Street to 23rd Street, running East West and have typically 50’x150’ or 50’x140’ lots, except for the 1600 block. In that area there is a tract called “Roth built homes” that were built in the mid 60s.

The area East of Redondo Ave. has mostly 5000 to 5400 sq.ft. lots and has mostly older homes. Some of them have been remodeled or have additions.

The streets run North South. This area is called “Liberty Village”. The area West of Meadows is similar to that area.

There is Polliwog Park in this part of town, Meadows elementary school, and MBMS (Manhattan Beach Middle School).

Area 147: (Mira Costa area) Located between Artesia and Manhattan Beach Blvd.

The East/West Streets are numbered from 1st Street to 11th Street. South of 1st Street, there are named streets like Curtis, Voorhees…etc.

Lots on most of these streets are 50’x150’ lots, some with city lights views.

Some streets have 50’x130’ lots like 2nd street on the north side, and 3rd street on the south side.

There are 50’x100’ lots on the south side of 2nd street, and north side of 1st street and also in the 1300 block of 1st street through Voorhees near Pennekamp School.

There are also homes on the North South Streets, that also have different names like Peck, Herrin, Johnson, Rowell. The lots on these street are different shapes, typically wider frontage, and less desirable specially on the busier streets like Redondo Ave.

Private Road: There is a very desirable private road in the 1200 block of 5th St.  The street which is owned by the people who have houses there is very private and prices are higher. The homes are large older homes, but there has been recent new construction there.

There is also an area west of Meadows, south of 2nd street that has very large lots, and is considered very desirable. Lots go as high as 3 million dollars or more, and very few properties go on the market there.

Mira Costa High School is located in that area of Manhattan Beach.


There are very few townhomes in East Manhattan, they are mainly located on Manhattan Beach Blvd., on 11th Street, and on 12th Street.

There is a relatively new townhome development on Tennyson that is very nice and affordable.


Located on Manhattan Beach Blvd. on both sides of the street up to 4 unit buildings.

There are a few in the 1800 block of 11th Street, and the 1100 block by Sepulveda.

There are some that are legal non-confirming duplexes.